Epsy's Sweet Shop was founded because we wanted a more homemade palate experience that went beyond the cookie-cutter sugary taste from store-bought treats. Therefore, we decided to take matters in our own hands. 

​Recognizing the need to begin with quality ingredients, we were inspired to add the taste of authentic flavors and recreate these experiences through a
boutique-style bakery.

​What makes us most distinguished is our customization of high quality vegan, gluten-free, and/or butter-loving baked goods. We emphasize the use of in-season, quality ingredients in all our delights.


               Our Story is Your Story



Briana Nurse learned the art of quality ingredients from her childhood experiences.  Growing up in Guyana, the ingredients to her favorite treats could not have been more organic.  The eggs came directly from free-ranged chickens, the coconut used in coconut biscuits was picked from the tree in her backyard. Her favorite jam was also made with fresh guava picked from the yard.  She has created a company with identical values.  Each treat uses the highest quality of ingredients and nothing less.


~Sweet Talk~

"The entire design and detailed dessert bar was worth every penny!"

-  William and Shanna- 2013


"Phenomenal desserts -including the gluten-free and vegan"

-Olivia Khalili-Ashoka Boot Camp for Social Innovators


"The Kama Sutra tea blend cookies were amazing! They were delicious and the perfect addition to my cup of tea!

- Juliette Austin- The Wellness Muse - Thyroid Health & Wellness Support